You can do the Ring of Kerry Cycle

Prepare for the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle

Did you ever dream of doing the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycling but thought it beyond you?

Do you want to set yourself a challenge, improve your health and fitness, and support deserving local charities? Yes, you too can do ‘The Ring’: there will be thousands like you on the day and a big army of volunteers to help.

Take your first step: get on a bike – any old bike – and start pedalling. Following our general guidelines and monthly advice will help you over the coming months.

So, why not go for it: we will look forward to seeing you on the day and the charities will appreciate your support.

Getting started

Getting started is often the hardest part but a few basic guidelines will help:

  • Begin gradually at an easy effort: a good rule of thumb is to ride at a pace where you are comfortable having a conversation.
  • Aim to do three spins per week at least, however short.
  • Your type of bike and kit is not so important, especially for the early stages of preparation, but ensure it is in good order and that your helmet fits well.
  • Ask an experienced cyclist or a bike shop to check your saddle height.
  • Use your gears, especially on hills: many beginners pedal too hard in a high gear and this makes it difficult and tiring.
  • Be patient and progress gradually: give your body time to adapt.
  • Rope in a friend if you like company: having an arrangement to meet other people is a very good motivator.
  • View our General Guidelines >>


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