St Francis Special School
St Francis Special School Ring of Kerry Cycle

Cycle the Ring of Kerry for St. Francis Special School

St. Francis Special School provides the highest quality, care and education of pupils under our instruction. In partnership with the Parents/Guardians, Families and/or Residential Personnel of our Pupils, we seek to promote individual intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual development. The dignity of each child is maintained at a premium, thus ensuring equality of provision. We believe that each child is entitled to an appropriate educational provision, regardless of individual levels of attainment and functioning.

While enabling each Pupil to develop his/her potential to the full, we also want our pupils to be happy in school and to enjoy their time in our care. As St. Francis Special School is committed to incremental improvements there have been several alterations made to the building over the past number of years. It is equipped with a variety of specialised educational resources ensuring that each student has access to a broad range of curriculum experiences.

With the funds from the 2020 Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle, St. Francis Special School is is hoping to fund the purchase of a 16-seater fully wheelchair adaptable minibus for our school. Currently we do not have our own transport and depend on the charity of St. John Of God Services to lend us a minibus. It is usually available on three mornings per week but is not available if it is required by their service users on occasion. The bus that we borrow has fixed seating and is not suitable to transport any of our wheelchair users therefore we must hire private wheelchair accessible busses

We will use the bus to allow our students to experience many different social settings which often Parents find impossible to do especially children on the autistic spectrum who often find new experiences extremely difficult. We could use a bus daily to visit shops, cafes, the national park, beaches and other wonderful local amenities.


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